Augustine is the type of guy who seems very timid at first but once you get to know him he will never stop talking. Hes very playfull and caring. Once an Ausgustine finds the right girl, he does what he cans to try to make her happy. And sometimes his effort may not be seen at first, he will change your world. Dont get an Augustine mad though because at times he can get a little carried away. Hes the type to hold in his emotions and lets them out at a random basis. Hes really smart even though he doesnt show it. He loves his family and the ones closest to him. Your lucky to have an Augustine.
1. There goes Augustine, yeah..thats him(:
by derek S. April 25, 2013
Augustine is the best guy you'll ever meet if you're lucky. You'll believe happiness is attainable when you're with him. He is a lover of all things; such as his family, friends, animals, etc. He is an artistic and lively guy, and his good energy is bound to spread to you and put a smile on your face. He is extremely protective over his friends, and will never hesitate to help someone out. An Augustine is the type of guy that once you meet, you'll know you need to keep him. You want to always have him in your life, because you know life will be better with him in it, and if he's happy, you're happy.
Nobody is perfect, but you'll believe he is.
An Augustine is a best friend or whatever
by TryAndFindThis November 6, 2018
Augustine is 100% the most amazing creature to walk the earth. he is extremely handsome and sexy! he is known to spoil his girlfriend, and write her silly letters. he has mesmerizing eyes that literally take the breath right out of your lungs when you look into them. you can see the love for you in his eyes when he's staring at you. when he kisses you, it makes you feel like you and him are the only ones left in the universe. he's easy to talk to, and understands everything. he's an amazing listener and a great story teller. he is extremely intelligent and hilarious. his hands are perfect and warm and soft, and he has a hip addiction. he is hands down the most outstanding and wonderful person you will ever meet.
Girl1: I'm so jealous of Victoria, she's dating Augustine.
Girl2: Oh i know! I see them make out in the hallway every day!
Victoria: Shut up bitch you're just jealous ;)
by ivyxxiii March 8, 2011
He's literally a genius, smart and handsome and handsome
I'm Augustine.
by uhron January 8, 2021
Someone who has a chode and is arrogant
"god he's such an Augustine"
by Chicken-strip June 13, 2016
A weirdo with greasy black hair that looks like a rapist creep. He will most likely grow up to be a terrorist. He dosnt believe in Jesus. He might be funny but his jokes have a twist. If you find an Augustine run away.
"Wow, Augustine is a creep!"
by Anounomous March 12, 2017