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Caelan is a Gaelic name meaning strong warrior. He is intelligent, sexy, funny and a very down to earth guy. If you have a problem, Caelan is the guy to see. He gives the best advice. That being said, he knows how to party and have a good time. Caelan is pretty much a synonym of "perfect boyfriend material"
Girl :I really want a Boyfriend like Caelan
by Jasminejk March 07, 2014
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An incredibly hot and sexy male who knows how to please all the ladies. His name in Gaelic means strong warrior and he certainly is. He is really sweet and understanding. He may be really tough but he is also really kind. He is very intelligent, but sometimes he just doesn't appy himself to the task at hand. All the ladies want a caelan wether they admit it or not. He will make any chick a panty dropper and he has a huge cock.
Hot girl #1: omg, caelan Is so hot, I want to fuck him!
Hot girl #2: I know right! And he's so nice and strong, I wish I could have him!!!!!!
by Ladykiller10 January 07, 2014
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A Gaelic name meaning Strong warrior. A strong man who can really shock you by his knowledge in many areas. Loves the logical side of things but can be very sensitive. A great catch for any girl!
I really wish I could find a caelan.
by lilprincess77 February 03, 2010
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A young cunt in computing who wont shut the fuck up when he needs to and will hit me with any chance he can fuckin get
you're a cunt "Caelan"
by Huge Boi March 01, 2018
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