A mispronounciation of the first name Cady (pronounced kay-DEE). As heard on the movie Mean Girls. Also heard by every female by the name of Cady on the planet.
"Hey Caddy. You're looking good tonight, guh'."
"That's not my name, mufugga."
by cantcatchme March 16, 2009
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NO NO NO NO NO a caddy is a person who is your bitch there is only one way of making someone your caddy by caddyizing them
caddy go get me a beer

caddy then returns with a beer
by herculesdivad March 11, 2010
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A 30something to 50something man of modest to respectable accomplishment who lands an attractive but no longer hot
female.She's either been buried in her own professional
accomplishments and finally looked up to find those men she
competes with are only interested in "young n'tight"...Or she's badly overplayed her hand and now finds that the trips to Tahiti and leased Benzos are'nt part of the picture anymore at that 30something range.In steps the CADDY.To him-she's quite a catch.To her-he will just have to do."Here...hold my purse while I try these shoes on."
CHICK:"Alberto!...how nice to see you!(hug)Hope everything is
CADDY:"Who was that?"
CHICK:"Just a dear friend from my investment banking days in
New York.Don't forget my shopping bags."
by L.MARTIN October 30, 2005
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cool. stylin'. spectacular.

Central Illinois slang in the 1960's and 1970's. Possibly still in use.
Did you hear the Portishead album? It's pretty caddy!

Did you see Jimbo dive off that cliff and almost hit the rock? It was caddy!!!
by CHRIS October 11, 2003
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When said in an australian accent its means a large quantity of money.
Cough up the caddy, Bee!
by luciejay August 02, 2007
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