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Originally came from Korean. The Korans use the &#12619(won't show up here); symbol to represent laughter. In StarCraft, using the Korean writing system isn't allowed. So, unfortunately for these poor koreans, they had to express laughter somehow.

&#12619(won't show up); is the hard k, (when pronouncing). It ended up being romanized to "kekekekekekee"

It's the equivilant to "hahhaha" or, "jajaja".

It's also commonly used by men who pretend to be cute Japanese children on the internet
Player2: llolz pnwned keke
Player3: omg stop it :((((((


sexygirl1837: hey im cute(<-- that's a guy.)
hotboi111: a/s/l
sexygirl1837: u first keke ^_^';
hotboi111: omg =^_o= XD :P
by nox.the.king July 21, 2006
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A woman who Drake sings about in his song โ€œIn My Feelings.โ€ Also the woman who we now have stuck in our head. Thanks a lot Keke
by lovedrake July 11, 2018
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an expression (typically used by the Koreans; however it is often used by everyone) that suggests extreme happiness or of being in the state of excitement
Fred: What happened to you last night at the party?
Bob: KeKe, I got laid, man!
by InnocentWhiteRoses June 30, 2005
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A representation of laughter sometimes attributed to people of Asian origin. Sometimes includes more ke's.
kekekekekeke omg zergrush (credit to SomethingAwful Comedy Goldmine for this example)
by Zalis August 11, 2004
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An african princess that is very beautiful and shy, she is very smart and loves to chill. She can be mean at times but otherwise she is nice. She is very loyal.
Keke is so nice but also vey mean.
by Emiiy๐Ÿ’‹ June 09, 2018
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