way better than awesome; using awesome as a describning word
Hey im going to Mcdonalds, "awesomley cool, man"
by Justin Johnson July 27, 2003
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Something amazing, intensely cool, beyond you expectations! When crazy awesome isn’t enough to describe your feelings, add cool. Go ahead-add that third adjective!
Omari, that design your working on is crazy awesome cool! Keep up the amazing work man.
by kimtastic September 2, 2008
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if your a guy and a hott girl walks by say "damn stacey's mom" and same with if your a girl and an incredibly hott guy walks by "stacey's mom man"
by Anonymous October 10, 2003
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1. used to describe a persone or thing that is superior to everything and everyone else.
2. the utmost in coolness.
Wow! Those shoes are super-cool-awesome!
You gotta meet Susan. She's super-cool-awesome.
by Luna January 18, 2005
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a level of cool transcending awesome. a state of being.
Band is cool-cool-awesome!
by anonymous June 26, 2003
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A filler word when responding to another person for describing the state or tone of the conversation being overly positive.
A: We can install a wind turbine on a bus canopy which will enable bus riders to charge their phone while they wait.

B: Awesome cool. We can continue with the idea and watch it come to life!
by The Energy Kid June 29, 2021
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Used when someone tells you something they are proud of but you say “I don’t give a shit” in a sarcastic manner. This phrase is common in the Kansas City, KS area.
Friend: Hey Bill, I just got into Harvard!

Bill: Wow, super awesome, very cool
by Kool_Tyga999 October 7, 2021
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