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A mysterious word that when said at a moderate tone in social places will grab attention very quickly resulting in critical neck and spine injuries
Gabe says " Blake say it!." so blake yells "CACKAS!!" and then people in Walmart look back at a high velocity.
by Dingle278 April 27, 2011
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a sloppy turd, a fecie of soft and pliable texture, often smelly and more punjent than its harder cousin the turd.
Ive just done a cacka in me pants.
by amydingleberry August 10, 2006
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Australian term, used by fishermen to describe under-sized and juvenile crustaceans such as Crabs, Marron, and especially Rock Lobsters.
I went and checked the pots this morning and they were full, but unfortunately they were all cackas and I had to throw them back.
by Mike January 26, 2004
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