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A beautiful young woman whos looks are envied by all and relationship sought after by many. Not only is a kitti kind and caring, but they are honest, open, trustworthy, cute, modest, funny - basically a kitti is basically your dream girl.
Damn. I still havent found my kitti yet, but I'm looking.
by tangimikimi November 14, 2008
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Kitti is the name of the coolest girl anyone could know. she is a hilarios person to hang out with and will always keep you laughing. she is beautiful inside and out and cares deeply about others. she has hot and amazing sex that only i can enjoy, but everyone should get the chance to experience. Kitti is fun, loving, caring, cute, sexy, friendly, outgoing, crazy in bed. basically Kitti is the person everybody should be, shes everones dream girl.
person 1: dude have you met that girl kitti?
Person 2: no, but i hear shes the coolest person to be around.
by dallyloveskitti November 26, 2011
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Just like a pupper or a doggo, but it's a term for a cat. Kittis can be used in plural or singular.
Person 1: How many kittis do you have
Person 2: My mom left me
by Alexa Doodles YT August 12, 2018
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