When you take everything out of someones bag, turn it inside out, put everything back in and then zip it up. Usually also done to thing inside the bag like a pencil case. When this is turned inside out it is called Sprouting.
"I left my bag by the lunch hall i hope no-one has been cabbaging today..."
Dude one: Oh No my bags been cabbaged! I'm gonna have to carry it to class like this and sort it out then or i'll be late!
Dude Two: Yeh and everyone will take the piss as you go along the corridor!
by alex thorpe December 8, 2007
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When your so high, and your chillin so hard, you feel like a cabbage.
Chad smoked 4 blunts of headies and was straight cabbaging.
by soooohighhhrighhnow November 12, 2009
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Cabbaging is the act of having sex with a friends entire family at the same time, obviously the friends family are sick and enjoy incest anyway otherwise how else would YOU know them. Cabbaging also involves family pets, deceased family members and very often household furniture.

Breaking laws on incest, necrophilia and the Ikea 12 month guarantee, Cabbaging is popular in many parts of the world. Mostly Germany.
Joe: "Hey Scott guess what I did last night?"
Scott: "Cabbaged my family?"
Joe: "You were there? Oh yeah, you were between the goldfish and your father."
Scott: "I love cabbaging"
by Dave Esquire January 11, 2006
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A dismissive term used to stop a superfluous avenue of conversation, or that the current discussion goes without saying.

A dismissive term is used to curtail a digressive conversation.

It can mean: "let's move on, we can discuss that later".

It also mean: "we've had this discussion before, and I still agree with you"

Often used when it's clearly established that the parties in the conversation agree with each other anyway.
A: Isn't the government awful
B: Yes that new policy sucks
A: I'm still annoyed at that one last year..
B: *cutting in* cabbages, cabbages...
A: hmmmm...
by _puddles October 7, 2021
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The word cabbaged originated in Belfast Northern Ireland:
The meaning of this term is - wiped off your tree, maybe consuming too many extacy pills or other drugs to be in state where you are unable to move ie cabbaged...

It can also mean to be exasperated due to the result of being stoned to the ballix ie consuming too much cannibus...
Phil was cabbbaged on the sofa...

Phil was cabbaged as he consumed to many drugs...

Phil looks like a cabbage...
by Gerry Mac August 29, 2006
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Jersey slang for 'garbage'
Kyley-B: Ayy! Wasamater Kookie? Why you actin like a piece of cabbage??
by outlaw pr October 14, 2010
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