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When you take everything out of someones bag, turn it inside out, put everything back in and then zip it up. Usually also done to thing inside the bag like a pencil case. When this is turned inside out it is called Sprouting.
"I left my bag by the lunch hall i hope no-one has been cabbaging today..."
Dude one: Oh No my bags been cabbaged! I'm gonna have to carry it to class like this and sort it out then or i'll be late!
Dude Two: Yeh and everyone will take the piss as you go along the corridor!
by alex thorpe December 08, 2007
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Alternative to MOGII, easier to pronounce.
The MOGAI community in my city is very friendly.
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Cabbaging is a game in which players, known as Cabbagers, attempt to reach the oldest page on a website in a given number of clicks from a predefined starting point.
Cabbaging was first played by five people sharing an office in Peebles , Scotland who used it as a way to decide who should eat the "spare" Tunnock's Tea Cakes from a pack of six. The game was brought to public attention by Judy Cabbages on 9 August 2005 by writing the following letter to the BBC News Online Magazine Monitor, an online daily publication:

In our office of five people, the six pack of Tunnocks Tea Cakes does no (sic) divide very well; so we have a contest. The person who can go back in time to the oldest article on the BBC News site in only five clicks from the start page, gets the sixth tea cake for themselves. Today, I read through nature to cats to pandas and in 5 clicks, got to 25 April 1998. Reaching 1997 is a real achievement.
Judy Cabbages,
Peebles, Scotland

Readers of the Magazine Monitor began playing the game themselves and the name "Cabbaging" was suggested three days later in honour of Judy Cabbages. The name "backlogging" was also suggested, but did not catch on. On 19 August 2005 a set of rules written by Monitor reader Matt Wainwright was published.

- Judy Cabbages' original letter /1/hi/magazine/4131118.stm#debt

- Matt Wainwright's Cabbaging rules /1/hi/magazine/4152338.stm#cabbaging
by email6311494 October 02, 2007
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When your so high, and your chillin so hard, you feel like a cabbage.
Chad smoked 4 blunts of headies and was straight cabbaging.
by soooohighhhrighhnow November 11, 2009
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Cabbaging is the act of having sex with a friends entire family at the same time, obviously the friends family are sick and enjoy incest anyway otherwise how else would YOU know them. Cabbaging also involves family pets, deceased family members and very often household furniture.

Breaking laws on incest, necrophilia and the Ikea 12 month guarantee, Cabbaging is popular in many parts of the world. Mostly Germany.
Joe: "Hey Scott guess what I did last night?"
Scott: "Cabbaged my family?"
Joe: "You were there? Oh yeah, you were between the goldfish and your father."
Scott: "I love cabbaging"
by Dave Esquire January 11, 2006
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