one of the many nicknames for jungkook. he's the beloved maknae of BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan and ARMY loves him very much
person1: wow that shirt really suits kookie!
person2: i agree!
by ineedtosleep March 16, 2018
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Kookie is pet-name, or nickname for Jungkook, or Jeon Jeongguk, a member of a KPop band called BTS (Bangtan Boys). Jungkook is the maknae, or youngest of BTS, and adored by many.
by Definitioners44 February 19, 2016
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Is a nick name for Jeon Jungkook. He is the youngest in a South Korean boy band named BTS. His name has Look in it which is the origin of Kookie.

BT21's cookie: that's Suga not Jungkooks.
Annyeonghaseyo, Kookie imnida.
by moon.child June 6, 2018
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Used by Greaser subculture in America to refer to someone as nuts, crazy, wild, out there, etc. It was not an insult, but a nice way of telling someone they are crazy.
Greaser 1: Cool it, here comes that cat Johnny.
Greaser 2: He'd be bad news if he wasn't kookie.
by Pomp_Greaseball April 10, 2013
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She's his main squeeze. Girls try to be like her, but she is one of a kind. She's cool and up front. She handles it all. She's tough, She wins. She got everything you want. Bad boys Love her, a Good boy is what she is looking for. Girls talk shit but she ain't even hearing it. Her beauty is sinful. Even your girlfriend will be in love.
Group of guys: hey is that kookie?
Their GF's: omg O.O
Kookie: yeah,even you girlfriends love me ;)
by toddwonka February 20, 2012
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A girl with a really cute name, that guys can't get over. She is cool, and has natural beauty. She's a good girl, and is very honset. Their is only One of her.
group of girls: is that kookie?
kookie: yea, its me O.o
by zakolloff February 20, 2012
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Word used to describe a significant other, often used by the male in the relationship in reference to his girlfriend/wife. More often used through text messages or instant messgages because of the awkwardness of the word. Also used during sex when the female asks her counterpart to "talk dirty". Similiar words may include: sweetie, baby, bae, etc.
Say kookie, when you coming over so we can do the dirty dirty.
by Ian Rene May 14, 2008
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