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Nasty hatchet faced scumbag who has a hatred for mankind and nothing else better to do with his/her life than stamp yellow penalty tickets on folks cars that have to work for a living and find it impossible to do so nowadays cos of petty rules and regulations designed to make parking impossible without forking out a small fortune.
Traffic Wardens also fit into the category of total Jobsworths who relish pissing people off and then carry microcameras and recording eqiupment to further punish the irate motorist angry that he has been ticketed for going 1 minute over time on the parking meter.
Like the Dinosaurs, they are tyrants who will sooner or later be made extinct.
Oh fuck, there's the Traffic Warden, better go and put another small mortgage in the meter to last the next ten minutes!
by stevie-J August 24, 2007
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