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Elisha is a sensitive girl, who is unknowingly beautiful and talented. She tends to hide her feelings for she fears judgment. Elishas are very rare to find, they truly are one of a kind. They crave love and compation as well as attention. She laughs at things that aren't even funny. They are known to be the "ideal" girlfriend.
Boy 1-Oh my gosh..... It's her
Boy 2- Who?

Boy 1- How do you not see her?? It's Elisha!!

Boy 2- That weird girl who wont stop laughing?

Boy 1- That's one way to put it, she's so perfect.

Boy 2- She is kinda cute
by Im.Suicidal March 07, 2019
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by urbansammy January 20, 2017
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She is a beautiful pretty girl who loves having fun and is pretty but if u annoy her she can become vicious . She chooses her friends wisely and doesn’t forgive easily . If you know and Elisha your lucky
Girl :Look there’s Elisha

Boy:WOW 😍
by Godlike girl April 20, 2019
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Elisha is absolutely perfect. She's the kindest person you wil ever meet in your entire life. She makes you smile, just by looking at you. Its so easy to fall in love with Elisha. She's the most amazing person alive. Shes is adored by everyone. She has the most beautiful eyes, the most dazzling smile and she always looks beautiful, even when she has just woken up. Everybody loves Elisha.

There's Elisha again, she's so amazing. I think I'm in love.

I know, same, look at that smile.
by somecoolmofo June 01, 2012
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An awesome girl who is crazy and super fun to be around. She is extremely pretty and has cool clothes. She is really nice and has a good heart and a ton of friends. She is very social and loves to laugh with her good friends and can really speak her mind :)
Person 1: omg who is that crazy girl ore there that won't stop laughing
Person 2: oh that's Elisha and she's awesome you just gotta get to know her and you'll love her

Person 1: ummmmm still how can she laugh that much??
Person 2: shut up mother fucker it's Elisha!!

Don't question Elisha or you'll die
by THE BEST SISSY EVAHHH!!! March 20, 2013
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The most caring person. Laughs and jokes with you till the end and cry for you and helps you. Very fortunate to have.
You are so fortunate to have a Elisha
by Joystabber May 05, 2017
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Elisha is a very caring person, she allways tries to make other people happy around her. Even though sometimes Shen might mess up,she tries her best. She normally has a great personality but she hides it so she doesn't become vulnerable and get hurt. She usually know what she wants and who she wants.
People normally fall in love with her quick but it take the right person to really make her fall in love and once she knows you're the one she won't let you go.
: you just need an Elisha in your life

: never let her go you will regret it
by Cookiedoughandicecreem March 02, 2018
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