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Elisha is absolutely perfect. She's the kindest person you wil ever meet in your entire life. She makes you smile, just by looking at you. Its so easy to fall in love with Elisha. She's the most amazing person alive. Shes is adored by everyone. She has the most beautiful eyes, the most dazzling smile and she always looks beautiful, even when she has just woken up. Everybody loves Elisha.

There's Elisha again, she's so amazing. I think I'm in love.

I know, same, look at that smile.
by somecoolmofo June 01, 2012
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An awesome girl who is crazy and super fun to be around. She is extremely pretty and has cool clothes. She is really nice and has a good heart and a ton of friends. She is very social and loves to laugh with her good friends and can really speak her mind :)
Person 1: omg who is that crazy girl ore there that won't stop laughing
Person 2: oh that's Elisha and she's awesome you just gotta get to know her and you'll love her

Person 1: ummmmm still how can she laugh that much??
Person 2: shut up mother fucker it's Elisha!!

Don't question Elisha or you'll die
by THE BEST SISSY EVAHHH!!! March 20, 2013
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The most caring person. Laughs and jokes with you till the end and cry for you and helps you. Very fortunate to have.
You are so fortunate to have a Elisha
by Joystabber May 05, 2017
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the most beautiful, sexyest, kindest and most generouse person you will ever meet. they tend to leterally steal your heart at first sight. if you do ever meet one you can never ever let them out of your life. plus they are always totaly awesome, enjoys rockin out, CATS!, cool dudes and 90210. deserves to be worshiped.
boy#1: dude, i wanna find an awesome chick.......

boy#2:what you need mate, is an elisha.
by gooch 36 April 17, 2010
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She is procrastinating right this second and always has to pee. She belongs to a mum and dad and also to cheese.
by cute apple fan June 18, 2015
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Very good looking, funny & athletic. Tends to draw quite a lot of female attention as they ladies adore him! You'd be so lucky to know an Elisha as they're very rare and just amazing to know, so if you know one cherish that friendship. Also beyond the needs of a typical boyfriend.
GIRL 1: "Hey is his name Elisha?", GIRL 2: "Yeah he's so hot!"
by dgdhdssa July 06, 2012
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a person who enjoys annoying other people and gets satisfaction out of it. also he enjoys tempering with other peoples properties.
non elisha: elisha, listen im not in the mood for your pranks today
elisha: and?? i dont care about you
non elisha: can you just leave me alone for today?
elisha: no cant you see how bored i am if i dont do this? and if i dont the day wont be fun for me!!
by stop annoying!! January 19, 2011
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