CMD - choke me daddy is too much of a mouthful when u already got a mouthful
by Jokerjokerweedsmoker January 5, 2017
Chronic Masturbation Disorder AKA CMD

Condition where people feel the need to masturbate so much, they abandon whatever they may be doing to persue their urges.

Condition first discovered by Bolivian and Kenyan psycologists: Chris Browne and Linus Gari
Harry: Hey dude, dat dude just walked out of da film!
Abdul: O shit! He must have CMD
by shitstabber March 2, 2007
people in camden new jersey use it to refer to the city

CMD=Crime, Murder, Drugs

also could mean Camden's Most Dangerous and we are so dont mess and get ya brains splatted sonn
white dude: nobody mess with CMD, get ur ass beat
by .rov3r October 12, 2007
Command, a button on the Apple Mac interface that is used instead of the CTRL button on a PC.
by PACMANATTACK May 27, 2009
one who masterbates a lot has CMD
by senor fresca October 24, 2005
Cumberland, Maryland. Slang term used by locals, after being coined in popular rap song "CMD", a rap song all about the mountain town and its inhabitants
Person #1 "Hey Jeremy where are you from?"
Person # 2 "I'm from CMD"
by Kristen Halpern October 10, 2005
1.- (see-em-dee) Also known as Pablo Salazar. Weird specie of a huge black mammal. Second cousin of the pigs and first of the whales. This specie is undefined yet. Characteristics: Curly black hair, enormous hips, big belly and a typic mexican sense of humor.
Im becoming a CMD. You are as fat and ugly as a CMD.
by Andrew Webber May 7, 2005