1 /noun/ The Windows(TM) command shell. An outdated computer interface, surpassed by bash, tcsh, ksd, csh, zsh, and even sh.
I was on a windows machine, and all I had to use was cmd! What a waste of time...
by Paulio Twentythree January 17, 2004
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slang word for Camden like the city Camden, New jersey!! also ECMD stand for East Camden which is another part of Camden, New Jersey. People use these slang words to rep their city!
Where in CMD do live at?.... I live in ECMD. Why?
by Mami Yankee December 2, 2006
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Cringe, Meta, Deep. The combination of layers of fiction used in the last piece of the puzzle in Monkeyrevyen 2019 - Apestreker. First the play gets cringe, followed by a broken fiction layer (4th wall break), followed by another broken fiction layer - the interpretation of the different levels of the storyline
Martin: Lets go cringe, then meta, then deep.
Brynjar: Yeah man, lets call it cmd.
Martin: Cool
Brynjar: Yeah
by fagermsquad123 September 18, 2019
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CMD - choke me daddy is too much of a mouthful when u already got a mouthful
by Jokerjokerweedsmoker January 5, 2017
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Chronic Masturbation Disorder AKA CMD

Condition where people feel the need to masturbate so much, they abandon whatever they may be doing to persue their urges.

Condition first discovered by Bolivian and Kenyan psycologists: Chris Browne and Linus Gari
Harry: Hey dude, dat dude just walked out of da film!
Abdul: O shit! He must have CMD
by shitstabber March 2, 2007
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