Usually a nickname of some kind. In most cases referencing the initials of the individual. Most cjs are relatively intelligent but lack motivation and drive. Cjs are very fun to interact with but due to their almost constant positive outlooks can sometimes be incredibly annoying. Cjs are also very loyal friends but will not hesitate to tell it to you straight. Some cjs can suffer from a slight fear of commitement. They are much more prone to "just having a good time" However, it is possible for them to be housebroken
Hey, who's that kid who you met at the party last night?

Oh, that was cj.

Oohhh, are you guys gonna date?

Idk, he says he just wants to have a good time but we'll see...
by cheerbabiiii010 February 08, 2010
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He is an amazing guy.

Girls will fall for him very easily.

If you have him don't let him go.
I never want to stop dating Cj.
by Sunshined6789 February 27, 2017
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One of the greatest guys you will ever meet. They usually love to fight and get high. You will never find anyone like them.
Me: "C.J., I'm going to need you in about ten minutes"

C.J.: "For what?"

Me: "potential violence"

C.J.: " I'll be there in three."
by Valour December 03, 2010
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The nickname for a slut that's real name is Cock Jizz. They regularly fight people who they think are threats to their bitches. Most are tall and horny as fuck.
Hey girl, wanna see a movie tomorrow?

Sorry I'm dating CJ.

by TrumpisDad December 06, 2016
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a really sweet guy that usually dates amazing girls with the names: Michelle, Elizabeth,and Donna. CJ's tend to make the mistake of being/holding on to the wrong one for too long while the girl of his dreams is waiting for him...but wont wait for ever.
he is amazing!! must be a CJ
by lookin good brah November 19, 2011
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A guy who is practically perfect, generally a theatre guy, goes for girls and is great at making them feel comfortable around him. He is always checking in to see if his girl is okay, and is always there for you.
OMG, cj just asked me out!
by Everything I say Is true May 13, 2015
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