He is and can only be defined by Bucko. If Cj changes Bucko still applies because it only effects him, and can only be used to define him.
Cj, ur a bucko.
by BillyBobbyJr June 10, 2019
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receiving a Blow job While you are in a coma
i heard that kiley gave tim a cj while tim was recovering from that skiing accident
by Ethan matthews May 19, 2008
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The name of a legend who calmly stands outside of quickcheck. Frequently asking for rides up Longhill, for packs of cigs, or even for your car. His camouflage jacket makes him hard to find but his bad odor can help you sniff him out.
Samuel ran into CJ at QuickCheck. He asked him for a pack of cigs and a ride up longhill.
by SamFranksTheGOAT March 15, 2017
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a little boy who lives in north carolina and is addicted to wacking off in the shower while watching animal porn on his iphone and trying to avoid getting it wet.
whats that noise comming from the shower? it sounds like a man having sex with a sheep. no its just Cj.
by fadingdrake November 26, 2011
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If he’s a black CJ, he’s cool. If he’s a white one, then run like the black CJ does from the cops.
“Have you met CJ?”
“The white one? I wish I hadn’t”
by FuckoffJohn June 02, 2018
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