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acronym for Can't Handle Shit. Identifies an individual (usually male) incapable of dealing with life's difficulties or consciously choosing to avert adult responsibilities.
Mr. CHS calls his wife or mom about every little problem.
by MaMaGriM May 15, 2010
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1. Acronym for Cheap Hair Spray.
2. Term used to describe a skank.
3. The "cheap hair spray odor" is unmistakable & used to describe skanky or slutty women w/o them knowing what you are saying . . . until now.
After "catching a whiff" of the C.H.S., Tony quickly changed his mind about asking Amy for a dance.
by lift-ticket July 28, 2006
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Constant Hunger Syndrome, the reason why everyone in America is so fat.
by Anonymous July 29, 2003
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Cuddle, Huggle, Snuggle.

An abbreviation used sometimes in roleplaying forums.
Adam: *puts his arms around Mary*

Mary: *dreamily* This is so nice... *CHS*
by Carlos Net November 22, 2003
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CHS is an abbreviation standing for "Clapping Hands Slowly"

It is used in all instances where you don't really give a damn about what someone has done, especially if they are boasting about something that doesn't really matter.

It can also be used for terrible jokes, or any occasion. Works very well in collaboration with "cool story bro"

This abbreviation is most commonly found on Facebook and Twitter, under the alias #chs

Coined in Raleigh, NC.
Joel: OMG I got a 99 on my statistics test im soooo happy!!!!

Bob: chs.


Jim: Two tickets to the superbowl everybody be jealous!

Bob: cool story bro. chs.
by Farawi September 27, 2011
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Acronym for Chelsea Handler Syndrome.

A condition in which you've watched so much 'Chelsea Lately' or 'The Chelsea Handler Show' that you've come to talk, look, and move your body like her. You say things like 'shadoobie', 'pikachu', and 'little nugget', all while trashing Britney Spears. When you say things that you got from Chelsea, some people (recognizing your reference) will say "OKAY, Chelsea Handler" But as an addict, you find it complimenting.
Girl - "HELLO. I'm Kari Mackenzie, watch as I go DEEEEEEEP inside my halloween candy."
Sister - "OKAY, Chelsea Handler"
Girl - "Not my fault, I have CHS"
by Kari Mackenzie February 06, 2008
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Council house scum. Term given to general layabout-lowlife living off Benefits. Also, see CHC Council House Chav
"...That place has CHS written all over it!..."
by WΓΊlfΓ© March 04, 2008
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