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An exclamation used by hunters, fishers and other country folk when just about anything happens. It's used under any circumstances usually with the phrase "live action" added in before. Hunters will occasionally raise their guns in the air to exclaim a yee yee.
(Yee may be repeated more than twice if appropriate.)
Hunter: let's head out, yee yee!!

Fisher: I got a fish on the line yee yee!
Country bumpkin: mama made apple pie yee yee!
Turtleman: live action yee yee!
by Thestagstalker December 08, 2012
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Yee yee is the term used when a southerner is excited. Can be used as a war cry. These are the kind of people you want in your group do to the fact that they will risk it all for the fun of the party or to protect those who need it.
So Yee Yee Live on rednecks.
1guy: “ Hey bubba, you ready to fuck shit up.”
2guy: “ Yee Yee, lets go piss of some liberals
by Shane742 June 25, 2018
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What rednecks use when there exited
Friend. I got a full can a dip from Bobby

Me. Yee yee
by Country mother trucker February 14, 2018
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those rednecks that say they aren’t rednecks, but they dip, have a truck, and sometimes (on rare occasions) you’ll hear them yell “YEEYEE” in a high pitched voice. If heard, other yeeyees in the area will also yell “YEEYEE”.
by no navel nate May 15, 2018
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(V) (N) (ADJ.) A term used to express pure excitement and happiness. Normally puts a smile on others faces. Also a term that gets the party going!
Dude! Zach walked into the party and screamed YEE YEE! Shit got real after that!
by Z-baby September 22, 2014
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A word country people use when shits about to go down or they’re havin fun. And shows American pride
Guy: hey chug this beer

Girl: (chugs beer)
Guy: Yee Yee!!

Example 2
Guy1: vote Trump

by Countrygirl2020 October 14, 2017
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A "Yee Yee" is one of those assholes at your school that wears camo jackets for no reason, cowboy boots all the time, blue jeans, and drive those obnoxiously high up trucks with giant ass tires. Especially prominent in states such as Texas. many have been caught fucking their shotguns in the back of their trucks.
Friend 1: "Whats with all those trucks with giant suspension in the back of the parking lot?"
Friend 2: "Oh those are just the yee yees, ignore them."
Friend 1: "What are they doing back there?"
*moan of pleasure*
by 'l'ent December 01, 2017
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