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A Clover is a loyal hard working soul, they are kind and sporty if you where ever to date someone called Clover you just may aswell be the luckiest person on earth other features of a clover that they are hot and pretty with thick curves and a sharp jawline
Wow I am so luck to have Clover in my life
by The thiccc dog March 19, 2019
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1. A person that believes all laws are made for the common good, and that all laws have to be followed. Clovers generally believe that if someone does something that irritates them in some way that a law should be made to correct the problem - "There ought to be a law". A Clover will always side with the police or the government no matter what egregious evil they have committed.
Clovers believe that they are always doing the right thing, and therefore everyone should wait on them, or are basically oblivious to others' needs.
2. A person that is generally afraid, overly safe, and obeys all rules, and thinks others should too, especially as related to driving:
Clovers will wait for the left turn signal arrow even when left on green is allowed, and/or will not pull into the intersection, so that they will be able to turn left after the approaching traffic has cleared or stopped.
Clovers wait for a green light even when right on red is allowed.
Clovers need two lanes to pass a bicycle.
Clovers apply brakes at random.
Clovers never use their rear view mirrors, because others should have to wait on them.
Clovers stop when they are in the acceleration lane.
Clovers slow for school zones even when school is out.
Clovers refuse to move right for faster-moving traffic.
Clovers have an obnoxious, passive-aggressive determination to force everyone else to drive slowly, too,
Clovers will drive the speed limit in the left-hand lane.
Clovers believe the government is always right.
Clovers believe that if someone is simply investigated and/or arrested for a crime then that person must be guilty.
Clovers believe the TSA makes us safe.
Clovers believe the government is here to help us.
Clovers generally work for the government.
by prov6yahoo July 02, 2011
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If you ever encounter a Clover she is sure to make you laugh at almost anything she is very quirky, kind, and one of the most amazing Beautiful and smartest person you will ever meet how ever she is very good and hiding her emotions she will want to cry but the fear if being judged on how she looks and the way she acts but if you ever end up being close with Clover you will realise how stunning magnificent and loving her quirks can be she will be the highlight of your day making friends where ever she goes
Today I met a Clover I am so lucky
by The crispy rice April 20, 2019
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Clover is aterm used to describe a genuiely beautiful girl. One that makes you stop for a moment but yet it feels liek an eternity and go - oh my lord. This is true beauty.
Oh my god, did you see Clover today. She looked just amazing.
by Secret Admirer October 13, 2004
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A person who always gets lucky. Stems from the belief that a 4-leaf clover brings good luck.

(C-Lover = Constant lover)
"He hooked up with Joan last night and Cindy the night before. What a clover."

"Wear protection - I heard she's a clover"
by Merav Yuravlivker August 08, 2006
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A giant prick, asshole, or shithead, one who never ceases to speak in a inconsiderate or demeaning way.
Ugh Sharon is such a clover.
by It who hates humanity October 17, 2014
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