abbreviation for "Caribbean Dance Music"

- includes ragga jungle, traphall, basshall, future dancehall, future soca and much, much more.
Did you hear that new CDM track by Major Lazer?
by CaribbeanCurator April 17, 2020
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Abbreviation of Central Disobedience Movement which is happening in Myanmar (Burma) after Military (Tatmadaw) coup in February 1, 2021. As the official government and people elected leader are detained by the military, people are protesting in many ways including CDM, which is to disturb the unlawful coup and its systems in no time and to release the leader and the government.
She didn't got to work since days ago, she is supporting CDM.

If CDM works, the military's businesses and their mechanisms will go down.
by MortyMin February 12, 2021
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Couldn't disagree more.
CDM: the Thickburger rocks over the $6M Burger every day of the week!
by cannedham December 20, 2009
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Centre Defensive Midfielder

Every school kid in the UK has played pro clubs on Fifa
The worst player/least rated usually plays CDM as it is a disliked position.
Some school kids joke around that the abbreviation also stands for Completely Disabled Mug
Alex you’re shit, get in CDM
by DK-Outcheree March 23, 2020
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Cafe Du Monde coffee straight out of New Orleans. Most hardcore coffee drinkers prefer CDM coffee with chicory.... so the flavor is so strong you can't taste anything else. :-p
"We're headed to Cafe du Monde tonight for some CDM and beignets."
by Goddess J May 17, 2008
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That prick just cut it in line, what a CDM. When in doubt just ask "what would Greg do?" Oh he would do that? Then its definitely a CDM.
by T - bag April 2, 2015
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ayy lad, get us a slab of CDM from the shop

ooof i do prefer CDM over galaxy!
by ladyemma November 3, 2010
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