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Chicory is a common flowering perennial plant known for its bright blue to periwinkle colored flowers. Originally, native to Europe, it is now also commonly found throughout North America and Australia.

Chicory is NOT a name for developmentally challenged chickadees. It is NOT an adorably tiny bird at all. It does not taste like chicken, and it does not make a "chickaree-ree-ree" noise. It is a plant, and thus does not frequently speak.

It IS however known for its bitter taste. Different parts of the plant are used in different consumables; the leaves can be added to salads and the root can be dried, ground, and used as a coffee substitute.

The chicory flower is a symbol of unrequited love, stubbornly faithful love, and waiting in vein.

Though very rare, chicory flowers can sometimes be colored white or a pale pink. These abnormal varieties, particularly the white flowers, were believed to hold great magical power. It is very likely that these legends are true.
Many people consider chicory to be nothing but an undesirable weed; these people are stupid and have invalid opinions.
by danto February 02, 2015
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