c4 minus one.

What the military uses when they're too cheap to buy c4 explosive

Also known as a plastic explosive
c4 - 1 = c3
by BBoy Preacher November 29, 2008
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Third generation Corvette (1968 through 1982)
1968 through 1973 (Chrome Bumper Corvette's)
1974 through 1982 (Rubber Bumper Corvette's)
1953 through 1962 = C1 Corvette
1963 through 1967 = C2 Corvette
1968 through 1982 = C3 Corvette
1984 through 1996 = C4 Corvette
1997 through 2004 = C5 Corvette
2005 through ???? = C6 Corvette
by fl_rider October 27, 2006
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buy the domain for your pet vlog
A radio transmission in Counter-Strike, meaning:

Need Backup,

but said in normal life
c3, c3!!! wtf?
by Lorne Richardson July 06, 2003
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Quick term to let yo homies know theres a cutie present so be chill and check yah swagg.

Used as C for cutie and 3 is used and a backwards E to throw off everyone around you so you or friends have an advantage.
You: Eh yo, C3 man!
Friend1: Ah shyt
Friend2: She got friends
You:C3 x 2

Friend1: Then everyone has someone to talk to?
Friend2: We're all set
You: Lets do it, den!
by iGHOSTkid August 09, 2009
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The best wrestler ever and inventer of a under 300 pound 360 degree splash resulting in devastastion
by C-3 December 01, 2006
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