C*nt bag.Nasty term for someone, usually used in a joking way!
Ayersey you C Bag
by DAve January 24, 2004
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Colostomy Bag. Otherwise known as a Shit Bag.

Someone that can't tell the truth (full of shit.)

A Liar.

A level lower then a Douche Bag.
I cannot believe anything that guy says, he is such a C Bag!
by Alan Clarin March 23, 2007
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A cellular phone. Best used when yelled.
Your C bag is ringing.
When phone is ringing, simply yell: "C BAG!"
by Mad Dawg Lucky Hands August 17, 2005
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A C-bag is short for Cunt Bag. A derogatory name used on women. Very similar to the commonly used d-bag.
Yo bitch, pay me back you smelly c-bag.
by SpencerM June 22, 2005
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(noun/adj/verb) Invented in Edison, NJ in February 2007. C-bagging has now become the female version of a T-bagging, in which a female dips her vagina (preferably hairy)into another's mouth (preferably unknowingly, sleeping, or unconscious). C-bag can also be a derogatory name or description of a lesbian. The C (commonly misconstrued as "cunt" or "cooch") stands for Carpet. Derived from the word "Carpet bagger", C-bagging was invented sometime in March 2007.
1. (noun)
OMG she made out with her? What a C-bag.

2. (adj)
OMG she made out with her? How C-baggish.

3. (verb)

OMG she C-bagged her? What a C-baggishly C-bag.
by DBN May 23, 2007
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Derogatory name for Indian bestselling author Chetan Bhagat and his eye-opening nerve cracking tweets, columns and novels which are aimed at awakening the Indian Youth and creating a viva la revolution
1)Why is C-Bag trending? Whom did he block now?
2)C-Bag has just released his new novel. But already Rajkumar Hirani has made a film on it and C-Bag is threatening to sue.
by rahultheinvader January 18, 2011
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A highly offensive insult which is based on the word colostomy bag which means: a receptacle worn over the stoma to collect feces following a colostomy. More insulting than a d-bag.
I can’t believe Jim stranded us in the middle of Nebraska! What a c-bag!
by Stasibasiphobic April 27, 2006
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