(C-squared) To cut off a right angle on a path.

For instance, you may be walking from point A to point B to point C which resembles an L shape. To C^2 that, you walk straight from point A to point C, which makes a diagnol line, or the third side of a right triangle.

Suppose the distance from Point A to Point B is 10 feet.
Suppose the distance from Point B to point C is 8 feet.
Suppose the distance from Point A to Point C is 12 feet.
-this would make a right triangle
-it is shorter to walk 12 feet from POINT A TO POINT C, rather than walking 18 feet, from Point A TO POINT B TO POINT C...

John needed to walk in the quads, so instead of taking the rectangular path, he cut across the middle and C^2 that shit!
by g-diggity February 24, 2008
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the act of squaring an arbitrary letter for the purpose of sounding intelligent.
tammy fatfat told me she was skinny when i was drunk. in the morning i realized tammy fatfat was c^2 last night.
by bo November 23, 2004
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The Pythagorean Theorem

The only thing you will remember after high school.
"what did you learn in highs chool"

*me* "um... uh... A^2+B^2=C^2"
by honudave04 November 2, 2021
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An abreviation for 'too scene' a way to describe someone that is awfully scene.

Normal human being: 'You're 2 c n'
by Bantersaurus November 28, 2010
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It’s when you get some cock but don’t get the 'O'.
“Hey missy, you have fun last night?”
Nah, just 2 C’s and a K.”
by Lizalizaliza February 16, 2020
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Cutie from the band josie and the pussy cats plays the bass is gay and has a small penis but has a huge buldge
by Jonathan White March 6, 2008
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Some annoying twins and a girl. They’re the teachers pet but secretly hate him. One twin likes the girl the others gay.
Person 1: hey did you hear Cheri and Cyrus date? Person 2: yea what about kaleb? The other twin person 1: Oh,That niqqa dead Person 2: Oh they were the 2 C’s and 1 K.
by Niggawhyuneeed know March 15, 2020
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