A chump tool.

To be used when someone displays the characteristics of both a chump and a tool, to save breath/time/energy.
LOLOLOLOL Manu's a chool.
by Gates, Bill Gates June 26, 2007
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Cool, but in reference to all things Chemistry.
"Physics was phun but chem is still pretty chool"
by chool dude July 10, 2008
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Chool it is a portmanteau of "chill out" and "cool it". Used when someone is either getting angry at nothing or being a fuckwad. "Chool out" is an alternative form of the phrase.
Guy 2: Dude, just chool it!


Guy 1: Wow, John is such a fuckwad.
Guy 2: I know, he needs to chool it.
by manofthecentury February 04, 2015
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When something is great you would say 'chool'
Your hair is looking really chool at the moment
by dixiedoo April 12, 2011
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