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The slums outside of L.A. This area is very poor and revolves around gang violence, sex and drug dealing. Compton has produced famous rap artist such as Dr. Dre, IceCube and The Game
The Game was shot when a drug deal went bad in Compton before he became a rapper
by bo February 19, 2005

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A crazy ass white fool with a big penis
Damn, Shaniqua!! That kraka I took home last night was a real NOAM! FO' SHeezy!
by bo January 15, 2004

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A bad mutha pheezy
Tech N9ne is a bad mutha pheezy
by Bo March 03, 2003

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When you are sitting in a closet watching your friend fuck his girlfriend while you are masturbating. Right before you cum, you jump out of the closet and cum on his girlfriends face and proceed to leave the room in a fast and orderly manner.
I was at a party and gave my best friends girlfriend The Novy Special.

!!.......Sorry Skeezer.....!!
by bo March 29, 2005

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a Kilo of coke
20g fo' that pie
by Bo February 27, 2004

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the male penis
also used for pimps and man whores
He's swizzle stick was so big.
by Bo March 18, 2005

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one who orates a variety of cunniligus.
cuntoisseur bo got the 4 poon salute for being a cunniligiust.
by bo November 22, 2004

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