this is the jamaican equivalent of boy it is mostly used in reggae and SKA songs
Dis bad man yu get shot, anyways
Bad man nuh tek back chot, no day
Jamaican bad bway seh dat, zigga zigga
An we always stay pon top always!!
Beenie Men
by D-man=P September 02, 2008
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A name given only to badasses who could beat the living shit out of anyone. Bways on average are very short, but certainly not weak. Bways are fighters who are good at anything that involves fighting and have the ability to become five star generals. For Bway, height means nothing, because they're all swole.
Jackass (to another jackass): "Look at that dwarf. That kid's like 4'10."
Bway: "I'm actually 5 feet, you dumbass," (Bway then knocks both their asses out.)
by Jessiah de la Meyer December 14, 2018
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(pronounced Bee-Way) As in Broadway; A short nickname for the famous NYC street on which some of the world's most popular and successful musicals and plays are established.
"To make it on Bway is to make it anywhere."
by Mori August 02, 2005
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"The line at BK was too long, so I grabbed me some 'bway BMT instead."
by Bwob August 05, 2005
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a boy , you say bway out of anger, or to, disrespect the other person
I'll hit dat bway so hard his teeth will fly out his anus
by D.D.T December 10, 2003
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Trashy hoe that gets around the neighborhood. People only talk to her cause she's so easy. Mostly a hatefull bitch most of the time.
by Fun Fun. March 16, 2011
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