Butter her muffin:Have sex with her

From a classic line from the movie "Weird Science". Douchebag Chet (Bill Paxton) checks out crazy hot Lisa (Kelly LeBrock) and says he'd like to "Butter her muffin". This refers to finding her sexually attractive and the desire to have sexual intercourse with her. Lisa then transforms Chet into a pus spewing massive turd-like creature. One of the greatest comeuppances that ever comeuppanced.
Erik: Man, Kristjana is smokin' hot
Matt: She's not bad.
Erik: Are you kidding!?!?! I've give my left nut to butter her muffin!
by Gmonnaie August 8, 2008
Term used to describe a male ejaculating on a vag.
Jenna: Will you butter my muffin?
Chase: Sure! I'd love to... come over at 4.
by McSak November 12, 2010
1. To take a tasty muffin snack and apply butter. Quite why it needs butter is anyone's guess

2. To jizz liberally over a girl's breasts (muffins)
"Did you get anywhere with Katy last night?" "Yeah, I gave her a pounding and then pulled out and asked her if I could butter your muffins."
by vaginallodestone March 18, 2010
When a guy comes on your ass (AKA CAKES/MUFFIN) and pretends his dick is a butter knife
im buttering the muffin babe can i cum?
by BUTTAMAN February 25, 2014
These words are typically used to refer to unprotected sex. thus buttering the muffin.
guy: would you like me to butter your muffin?

girl: My muffin is buttered enough thanks.
by Becca-Lina August 17, 2011
To no longer be a virgin. Mentioned in Mean Girls by Jason
I buttered her muffin yeaterday and she got AIDS (oops!)
IS your muffin buttered? Would you like us to assign someone to butter your muffin?
by B. P. June 5, 2007
"would you like your muffin buttered?"

"would you like to butter my muffin?"
by NAKAWIT December 16, 2007