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Refers to a patient who presents as acutely awkward in social settings, resulting in twitching, banging on tables, hooting, rhythmic rocking and leg smacking in an almost Tourette's-like fashion. First audible symptom is a repetitive random vocalization, for example "Dirt dirt dirt" or "Beer beer beer". While vocalization subject matter is variable the vocalizations are commonly grouped in threes, and accompanied by specific body language, as if the speaker is making a particularly well defined point that defies argument(raised eyebrows, smug expression, eye contact). This can also be accompanied by inappropriate use of profanity, in particular in the presence of the very young or aged, hence the common misdiagnosis of Tourette's.

This condition is sometimes confused with mild Asperger's Syndrome or mild situational agoraphobia and is potentially sympathetic with OCD. Originally observed in Central Canada, with a brief outbreak in Eastern Canada, there is believed to be a tie with Latvia, perhaps due to immigration/emigration. It is not uncommon for Booveris to be treated by self-medication of intoxicants.

There is no clinical agreement if this condition is chromosomal, hereditary, viral, or bacterial.

Key to diagnosis is the patient's inability to prevent or even take note of the offensive/questionable behavior or, if attention is drawn to the behavior, for the patient to understand why the general pubic might be alarmed by the above noted behavior.
Greg: What's your problem?
Erik: There are too many people here I don't know.
Greg: You realize you're rocking back and forth and slapping your legs right?
Erik: Really? Oh "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" I think maybe it's "Shot! Shot! Shot!" time to go.
Matt: Wow, you're exhibiting classic Booveris symptoms, I thought you were going to see a specialist?
Erik: Sure sure sure, after this beer beer beer.
by Gmonnaie August 8, 2008
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Butter her muffin:Have sex with her

From a classic line from the movie "Weird Science". Douchebag Chet (Bill Paxton) checks out crazy hot Lisa (Kelly LeBrock) and says he'd like to "Butter her muffin". This refers to finding her sexually attractive and the desire to have sexual intercourse with her. Lisa then transforms Chet into a pus spewing massive turd-like creature. One of the greatest comeuppances that ever comeuppanced.
Erik: Man, Kristjana is smokin' hot
Matt: She's not bad.
Erik: Are you kidding!?!?! I've give my left nut to butter her muffin!
by Gmonnaie August 8, 2008
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