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One of the 4 best hair bands to release a debut in 1990- the other 3 bands being Firehouse, Trixter, and Slaughter. Their most popular song was their ballad "I'll Never Let You Go". The band features my personal all time favorite metal vocalist, Michael Matijevic whose high and soaring vocals were used in the movie Rock Star starring Mark Wahlberg. The band also features Chris Risola, a true guitar virtuoso. Their drummer John Fowler (who is now dead from a coma) also ripped- one of my favorite drummers of the genre.

The band enjoyed their brief moment of fame until Halloween after the release of their second album, Tangled in Reins. They were on tour with Slaughter and Matijevic decided to climb a tree from the set and ended up crashing face first on stage. He got a broken nose, cheekbone, jaw, twisted spine, and severe memory loss. The band's reign of success ended that night.
Some Steelheart songs (from the first album) that totally rip are Everybody Loves Eileen, Rock & Roll (I Just Wanna), Can't Stop Me Loving You, Love Ain't Easy, and the ballads I'll Never Let You Go and She's Gone. Check them out!!
by shadesgordon March 28, 2011
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