A male or female (mostly females) who go down on EVERYBODY
Yo let me holla at that bustdown Tasha,so i can get me some service.
by Mo April 24, 2004
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is a person you have sex with, for the pure pleasure of sex, no relationship intended. A used up female.
I asked my grandson who the girl was, and he said, she's just a bust down.
by Sandy Orfanos September 21, 2005
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A girl many guys have on their phone who they turn to if they can't get any sexual favors from a respectable woman. A bust down is usually a runner and she is usually the one most guys have to turn to if they cant get play the night they need it. When you get with a bust down you later will show signs of guilt and denial the day after, the more you get on a bust down the more your self-esteem will erode. There is even a "10 bust down commandments" that has been established and is necessary to abide by if you want to keep your dignity.
Hey man I tried callin that hot chick to roll with me to the party but she actually has sexy shit to do. Can i just roll with the local bust down to the party?
by Grant Aggg May 15, 2008
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A chick thats not attractive at all, just someone good enough to fuck.
I'm going through a drought, i need a couple bustdowns.
by J Reid March 01, 2008
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See Bust Deezy Noun - A very premiscuous woman who is known for having sex with lots of men, especially friends who know each other. Bust Downs are very well known for having sex with multiple men at the same time, or conducting a train. She lets all the homies get some.

Verb - The act of having sex with multiple men or conducting a train (Woot WOOT!) See Train

Aye you know Brenda?
Yea, don't she got a baby?

Yea, she a bustdown too my nigga, she let rodney and anthony run a train on her last week!


After a couple shots of patron, Brenda will bust down for everybody.

Rodney and Anthony got Brenda to bust down at the crib last week.

Brenda busted down last week.

Brenda be bustin' down all the time.

We be bustin' bitches down my nigga.

We bust hoes down.

Hoes get busted down all the time.

We are about to bust Brenda down.

Brenda busts down.

by D. Gizzle Bitch March 06, 2008
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A female companion who fucks, sucks, and swallows nuts
I met this bitch the other day who sucked my dick while i was taking a shit in mcdonalds. She was a straight up bustdown.
by Real Pimpin August 14, 2006
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