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A very expensive piece of jewelry (specifically expensive watch) that has a broken down value to the brand but flooded with many diamonds around the breguets, wristband & also face of the jewelry
I just bought this bust down rollie, cost about a grip but the diamonds stay dancing on my time piece.
by Young Elo July 05, 2016
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A woman who sleeps around usually with guys of the same crew.
April is a bust down because she fucked all the guys at the party.
by Nita from the Chi November 06, 2004
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A bustdown is:
1. usually used to refer to a female
2. is a derogatory term for a female
3. indicates that she is sexually promiscuous with no discretion
4.simply, a ho
5. etc, etc, etc
Cam'ron's lyric " I'm on the west side of Chicago, looking for a bustdown...."
by T-Jizzle August 01, 2003
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Chicago term for a whore or easy person to do sexual acts with. They do sexual acts and don't get paid for it.
I didn't take her anywhere; that bust down let me do her in the alley!(or any other low grade location)
by Ciddo April 11, 2008
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Giving your friend the second, unsmoked half of your cigarette, the bust. Obtained by calling 'bust' on the cigarette.
Johnny: I call bust down on that stogie.

Dave: Sorry, Joey already got bust.

Johnny: Ah, shit.
by Robots Bacon July 30, 2009
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A term used in Chicago but also used in various other areas around the country to describe a girl/woman that will let guys run a train on her; or a girl/woman that will suck a dick/fuck for the hell of it no matter the dude(s) social standing.


Once a bust down has sucked/fucked far to many dudes one might say: "she's busted out" referring to her status as an extreme "bustdown". Once a 'bustdown' has sucked/fucked to many dicks the term "busted out" becomes a cautionary warning that she is used up and probably has an STD. (ie: similar to when a bowl is "cashed out")** or ("Dude stay away from that she's been tall busted out")


"Bustdown" can also be used as a term of endearment for one's favorite goto non-girlfriend/non-relationship dick sucking/fucking girl acquaintance. (ie: Bro I love Carly she's my favorite little bustdown)
Example for (1): "Hey man let's hit up Veronica tonight she will let us run a train man she's a for real bustdown"

Example for (2a): "I wouldn't tap that if I were you she's been way to much of a bustdown, I'm pretty sure she's done been busted out by every cat we know."

The term(s): "Cashed" or "Cashed out" can also refer to a spent bustdown if used in the correct context.

Example for (2b): "Damn bro I can't wait to go chill with my favorite little bustdown Jessica; all I gotta do is smoke a blunt with her and she will fuck."
by Jimmy Heatgap January 26, 2012
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1)a slut, a hoe
2)a male or female who give head or fuck anything with genitals
That bust down suck so much dick she cry nut instead of tears.
by Janay March 28, 2004
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