Slang term for a Rolex watch, most commonly used by rappers.
Yo, this bitch was all over my 80 G rollie at the club last night.. shit, where'd it go?.. awww shit...
by g $ mikey September 26, 2004
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a cigarette that you roll yourself
by aenema August 16, 2003
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slang term for a Rolex watch.
This rollie 'round my wrist cost me 15 G's, man!
by SiliconHero April 24, 2003
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a homemade booger remover; a perfectly rolled tissue with a pointed tip, that you place deep in one of your nostrils while rotating in a circular motion until you have consecutively sneezed to your liking.
Roll me up a rollie man, I can't breathe.
by city member August 4, 2011
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Yo, it's a rollie, move the stash.
by BigUp June 9, 2005
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It is a Rolex

I just want a rolly rolly with a dab of ranch
I just want a rolly rolly with a dab of ranch
by PLAYKID.ROLLY September 3, 2017
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I prefer to smoke Rollies than tailor made cigarettes.You know how many chemicals are in tailor made's.Not that it matters.
by GS71 April 6, 2015
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