A term used in Chicago but also used in various other areas around the country to describe a girl/woman that will let guys run a train on her; or a girl/woman that will suck a dick/fuck for the hell of it no matter the dude(s) social standing.


Once a bust down has sucked/fucked far to many dudes one might say: "she's busted out" referring to her status as an extreme "bustdown". Once a 'bustdown' has sucked/fucked to many dicks the term "busted out" becomes a cautionary warning that she is used up and probably has an STD. (ie: similar to when a bowl is "cashed out")** or ("Dude stay away from that she's been tall busted out")


"Bustdown" can also be used as a term of endearment for one's favorite goto non-girlfriend/non-relationship dick sucking/fucking girl acquaintance. (ie: Bro I love Carly she's my favorite little bustdown)
Example for (1): "Hey man let's hit up Veronica tonight she will let us run a train man she's a for real bustdown"

Example for (2a): "I wouldn't tap that if I were you she's been way to much of a bustdown, I'm pretty sure she's done been busted out by every cat we know."

The term(s): "Cashed" or "Cashed out" can also refer to a spent bustdown if used in the correct context.

Example for (2b): "Damn bro I can't wait to go chill with my favorite little bustdown Jessica; all I gotta do is smoke a blunt with her and she will fuck."
by Jimmy Heatgap January 26, 2012
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Originating in the East Coast (esp. Baltimore, NY, PN, ect) -

A Bust Down is a small part of a cigarette (usually less than one half) that one gives away.
"Let me get bust down's.. I ran out of cigs earlier today"

"Bust me down"

"You gave that guy a bust down? He stays bumming cigarettes.."
by Issue February 22, 2012
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a female who has had sex and will have sex w/ multiple males at the same time:a female who has had so many sex partners she can not count anymore;multiple males having sex with one female one after the other
nig1:that gurl right ther is the biggest bustdown in the hood
nig2:that's what it do..i need to get on that!

nig1:we bustdown that gurl just the other night!!
nig2:she NASTY!!!
by Z.S. April 04, 2008
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