A term applied to women that originate in Chicago (Chi-town), referring to:

1) A girl that is a whore, sleeps around

2) Building on that, a girl that sleeps around with the same group of friends as her "boyfriend"

3) A girl that gives oral sex or prostitutes herself openly to men of a group
Jerome, your girl's a bust down, I hear she's been getting with the whole chess team.
by dirtybird00 January 26, 2008
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hailing from the Midwestern United States, specifically Chicago, this term has been used by artists Cam'ron and Twista, and has many definitions, including but not limited to:

A bustdown is someone who generally...

1. likes to go to the 'candy shop' and "lick the lollipop" as 50 Cent said in the song, "Candy Shop" (gives head);

2. like R. Kelly said in the song, "So Sexy" with Twista, "want the D, love the D, ride the D, like to have the D up inside them," (loves dick so much that they will do anything to and for anybody and everybody that will let them), or;

3. has done or will do something with:
a. Woody
b. BC
c. Scoota
d. or any other nasty Nigga.

Again, while there are many other definitions for this term, these three are the most prevalent.
Will: Wassup my Nigga? Where all the bustdowns at?

Fred: I don't know where all the bustdowns at, but I do know where we can find a good one.

Will: Where dawg?

Fred: Behind Sterks over there on Orchard; you know Rachel's nasty ass be over there all the time busting dudes down!
by Tha Numba One Slut July 23, 2005
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A male or female that someone could have sex with without much conversation.
someone that will have sex with you and a friend or friends with no hesatation. Must ninfos are bus downs
after the party im gone call a bus down to come fuck and suck all five of us
by P-Tro November 18, 2004
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A Bustdown is a person who is willing to do almost anything with anybody in the form of being with a person in any way possible.
a women who would sleep with me or kick it with me, then sleep with my mans or kick it with him.
by "O" November 18, 2004
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A very expensive piece of jewelry (specifically expensive watch) that has a broken down value to the brand but flooded with many diamonds around the breguets, wristband & also face of the jewelry
I just bought this bust down rollie, cost about a grip but the diamonds stay dancing on my time piece.
by Young Elo July 05, 2016
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1. Basically, to ho out anything of your own to anyone who asks for it. The asker says Bust down.

2. Half of a cigarette. Term used when someone would like half of another's cigarette.
1. Person 1: "Bro, can I get a bust down of that ice cream?"
Person with ice cream: "Yeah, grab a spoon."

2. Preson 1: "Yo, let me get a bust down on your cigarette, bitch.
Person with cigarette: "No."
by Ramblin' Rose September 05, 2006
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