Bust-down refers to an expensive piece of jewelry with a lot of diamonds in it.
by GhostReaper July 9, 2017
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Chicago term for a whore or easy person to do sexual acts with. They do sexual acts and don't get paid for it.
I didn't take her anywhere; that bust down let me do her in the alley!(or any other low grade location)
by Ciddo April 11, 2008
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1)a slut, a hoe
2)a male or female who give head or fuck anything with genitals
That bust down suck so much dick she cry nut instead of tears.
by Janay March 29, 2004
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A woman who sleeps around usually with guys of the same crew.
April is a bust down because she fucked all the guys at the party.
by Nita from the Chi November 7, 2004
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Someone, usually a female, who will have sex with anyone.

"I'm on the west side of Chicago lookin' for a bust-down" Cam'ron
by Meenstreek March 28, 2007
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ayo b let me get tha bust down
by Kaoz September 10, 2003
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