the act of sitting down ANYWHERE with your legs bent under your chin and putting your arms around your legs.

kiinda sorta like planking but BETTER
Look at those two idiots bussing on the ground

- don't they know you threw up over there

I guess not
by iiLoveAsiianss October 26, 2011
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A sexual act where multiple men, women with strap-ons, or a mix of both, in a college dorm are joining a line of their dormmates simulating a bus.

Starting at the end of the hallway naked, a dormmate waits for the first door to open, revealing the second naked dormmate. The first sticks their penis in the anus of the second and continues down the hallway until the bus of people are receiving sexual pleasure.

A bonus is the person in the front acts as the bus driver.
Omg, second week of college was intense! The boyz and I were bussing down the hall, getting to make friends on the way.

So I heard Cody was bussing in his apartment with some roomates, but no one on the floor joined in. Shame.
by PenguinSlideMaster December 24, 2019
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When something is better than good... it’s like reallllyy good...AMAZING
Him: “This food is so good
Her: “Its buss buss right!”

by Guuurrrlll August 9, 2019
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1- A term used to describe having fun. Usually related to sexual acts.

2- An exclamatory remark, a call for action.
1- "Hey, Marielle, want to go to that frat party tonight? I wanna buss it!"

2- "Buss it!"
by HottMesss December 24, 2009
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To give something, usually for free
Person 1: My guy, buss me £1
Person 2: naa you still owe man £12

Person X: Tion Wayne has a show
Person Y: I’ll see if my cousin can buss us some tickets
by Conconbility January 12, 2019
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buss is a term used in the "aina" or in other words the hawaiian islands to describe the state of being high/drunk out of your mind. Being "buss" or "bus" relates to being drunk/high for the reason that, if one is "bus/buss", they must use a bus or other reliable form of transportation to get home.
An example includes:

-Ho brah, you buss already?
by stoner808 June 3, 2009
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