When a guy has a bussie it means his asshole his his butt pussy 🥵
Britney and Olivia have a bussie
by Fuckinjennifer444 May 16, 2019
boy pussy or pussie... boy and pussy combination.
“he definitely has a bussie.” Said Kayla
by Knockout1134 November 6, 2020
bussies are humans who sexually identify as a bus. they like yellow and piggybacking people.they sometimes holla at real busses while makeing bus noises.

a bussie can never like or love a school bus, since thats almost the same as loving a child.
im a bussie, i just love everything about busses.
by reddit_is_better_than_9gag March 21, 2019
the same as „buss down

You buy a Rolex or expensive watch dressed up with diamonds „iced out
Show them a Rolex and another bussie !!!
by la_flame97 January 12, 2020
Someone who immediately accuses anyone that disagrees with his point of view as "Throwing me under the bus".
Similar to Godwin's Law (First guy to compare someone to Hitler or Nazis loses the argument), referring to being thrown under the bus is a sign of weak debating skills.
Jim: Yeah, well I prefer strawberry ice cream over chocolate ice cream. Just sayin...
Joe: Oh man, there you go throwing me under the bus again.
Jim: You sir, are a Bussie.
by 2TD July 21, 2015
me: dad! dad! i just wrote an honest definition of bussy on urban dictionary!
where is my dad
by crispycumsandwich March 20, 2021