The absolute best fucking flavor of the food so good it came from Mars that humans called ice cream. This flavor of the Mind bending epic food that freezes and warms you will make all the other flavors kill themselves in jealousy.
Person 1: did you try some of that vanilla ice cream?

Person 2: you motherfucking shitbag dickhead how dare you fucking eat that damn vanilla when there is the best fucking flavor on the fucking planet called strawberry ice cream
by Strawberry ice cream man October 10, 2020
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Mixture of cum and blood that oozes out of someone’s hole after rough anal sex, which often has a similar texture and color to its namesake. Mostly occurs when taking someone’s anal virginity.
Dude I lost my virginity yestreday and it sucked. That dick left me shitting strawberry ice cream for hours.
by iammemyselfandi August 11, 2021
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the sexual act of a man cumming inside a woman who is on her period and then she pushes it out of her vagina, resulting in a slurry of blood and cum which closely resembles melted strawberry ice cream
#1 How was your date with Stacey, Mr. Charles??
#2 It was splendid really, she was on the blob(period), so we decided to have a STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM session. It ruined her sheets really, but the memory will last longer than our relationship!!!
#1 That's wonderful Mr Charles!! will you be going back for seconds??
#2 Not till next month..........
by milenkovitch August 27, 2008
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A really gay guy who can out of the closet since birth. They usually play hard to get and flirt with men. Sometimes wears a hot pink fuzzy scarf. loves the cock. Also hella sassy
Strawberry Ice Cream
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