a man's package. used on an episode of chowder when chowder and shnitzel pretends to be babies. the warden goes to change shnitzel and chowder yells to shnitzel "don't let her see your 'business'!
John was pants today and everyone saw his business.
by theamazingcripple4 June 24, 2009
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Usually something you do which involves your counterpart being embarassed and/or left in the dust.
John : Dawg did you see me give the receiver the business on friday night?

Bob : Hell yea man his leg was all KINDS'A sideways!
by Woodford August 10, 2007
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Your concern, your life. What nobody should be fucking with.
It was her business who the girl ran out of her one horse town, her own neighborhood, but she made it someone else's once she started trying to run other people off from theirs, in addition to making it inflammatory for everyone originally from there. She thought she was unbearable and feisty even though everybody else that knew her thought she was silly, mouthy, and lived in a bubble that nobody could burst with reality.
by Solid Mantis April 21, 2021
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One difference between a business and a residence, though both are usually owned by one or several people, is that people dont usually buy a commercial building with the intention of living in it, and people dont usually buy a residence with the intention of selling goods or services from it. Of course the owner/ proprietor of the business makes the decisions of who comes in and who goes, they own it, nobody else really has the right to make the decision but them, but a business is not the same as a residence, it has a different purpose. Looking after goods is not the same thing as looking after a family.
People know when they invest in a business that it's not the same thing as buying a home.
by Solid Mantis June 30, 2020
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