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Pronounced "Busey"ed. Derived from the relationship between Gary Busey and Nick Nolte, also commonly referred to as "the poor man's syndrome". This is when the person who looks like the retarded you is suddenly cast into the limelight while you, after all your hard work, are left standing in their wake.
Phil: Wait a second, did your ex just flash your down syndrome brother?
Me: Dude, I just totally got buseyed.
by Lil' Freckles September 12, 2005
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"Buseyed" is when someone yells and screams nonsensically about something totally irrelevant to the point where the person on the receiving end of this tirade walks away simultaneously frightened and confused. It helps if the person doing the "Buseying" has gigantic teeth.
"Dude! Did you see that? He just got Buseyed!"
by suicideslipknot May 07, 2009
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