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A sub-human college student who doesn't know personal boundaries, and will only communicate with you if you are talking to someone else. Who's persistent in obtaining useless knowledge about nothing to feel like something. Also consumes parts of his body.
Brandon: Wow Busey today was being a total buzzkill
Dan: why? was he eating his skin again?!
Brandon: You fucking know it!
by JudgeJudyFan February 15, 2010
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Engaged in so much high-stress, fast paced activity that one is going completely batshit nuts.
Kyle didn't show up for lunch today because he was extremely busey at work and was going insane.
by Mr_Shifty June 02, 2011
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Noun. A mentally disturbed school child. Usually put into into a class with other mentally disturbed children. Usually has a history of being abused by his/her parents.
Buseys usually have a certain peculiarity that made society hate them. Some examples; biting people out of nowhere, believing in magic, or eating their scabs.
by Someone contributing April 26, 2012
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noun - The lesser, crappier, or worse version of two similar people/ideas/objects. Originating from the idea that Gary Busey is a poor man's Nick Nolte.

adjective: Buse; referring to the Busey-ness of something.
Skeet Ulrich is the "Busey" of Johnny Depp.
Dolph Lundgren is the "Busey" of Arnold Schwartzenegger.
Pepsi is the "Busey" of Coke.
WNBA is so "Buse"
by Chris Grant & Sean Haynes October 19, 2004
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feeling or becoming overly aggressive in situations that don't call for it.

exhibiting anger, rage, or incomprehensible behavior.
Look there goes Walter again, he just punch out his window. He's going Busey.

Dude, after you got a all drunk you went all dark and Busey.
by bolo1g2 June 07, 2009
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When an individual is nasally congested, and they must breathe only through their mouth while they sleep, much like the regular breathing habits of Gary Busey.
"Man, I'm stuffed up, and I Buseyed all night, so now my throat is sore and I'm all dried out."
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by Fathawgimus December 14, 2017
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Obscenely large teeth or dentures that resemble the teeth/dentures of Gary Busey and Jake Busey.

Teeth are long and large and often times they look fake because they are so gigantic.

"Buseys" can also be used in general for large teeth/dentures that do not necessarily resemble those of Gary or Jake Busey, but this is a less accurate usage of the word.
Check out the Buseys on that horse!

Wow, that guy has got some serious Buseys!

That guy can chomp his way through iron bars with those

Buseys of his!!
by Herzog Blue Sky April 25, 2011
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