A nob, moron or fool.
An idiot
"Your mother's party was shit man"
"It was a fucking funeral you burk!"
by TJ Spargo September 13, 2008
Burk means to be great. To be amazing, to be the best.
That burger was so burk. It was the best.
by cjburkey01 May 3, 2015
There is a clear Burk among the lightworkers.
by Steeltree December 20, 2016
To throw up at a party with the ultimate outcome of ruining the party.

"Did Kevin just burke it?"
"Yeah, I think he just burked it."
"What a bitch."
by Nikka May 15, 2006
The act of showing up for class with prior knowledge of an upcoming test without studying and proceeding to take the test blindly.
John- " Did you study for today's test?"

Sam- "Nah, I'm Burking it."
by The Junk Munkie November 29, 2008
Burks: Burks
by kaboikei August 14, 2019
When an accident prone or klutzy individual spills something, makes a mess, or causes themselves mild pain or injury.
He really burked it when he spilled coffee all over his cubicle wall.


You dropped your drinking bird on the floor, and now there's a blue stain. You really burked it.
by Oatmeal Afficianado August 12, 2011