Funniest Joke of all time; Synonym of Bazinga
Leonard: What's Up?
Sheldon: Bunk
*Audience begins to die from laughter*
by zaido00 April 15, 2017
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Often slang for beds that are ground level made for sexing
I can’t wait to get maya all up in that bunk bed that’s resting comfortably on the floor
by Radical Pat July 24, 2021
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A good geezer, a lad. Someone that knows his self worth but also is smooth with the ladies.
“Look at that lad chillin with 6 ladies, he’s such a bunks, he doesn’t even look bothered
by Benpusheswomen February 6, 2022
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Where's Prince?

He's probably bunking with shafin again.
by Faiyaz69 January 6, 2017
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A decently attractive girl who is the most rude person you'll ever meet.
Tyqueesha gave me the finger, she is such a bunk.
by ADizzle10 June 18, 2014
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To bend over. Show your butt. Told to a child in preparation for a spanking.
Bunk up Chile! You need a good beeatin’!
by Fleshaxxe July 24, 2018
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A bunk-bed kid is a kid who grew up sleeping in a bunk bed to themselves and had nobody to share it with.
by What Does This Word Mean? February 19, 2023
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