A blowjob from an actual bum that has missing teeth and a mustache/beard combo. Most likely occuring to another bum who has exchanged a few dollars or alcohol/drugs for the service.
At 2a.m. last night I cut thru an alley on my way home and saw a homeless guy getting a bumjob.
by Joey Paisan September 24, 2011
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British slang for analingus. When someone licks or tongues ('eats out') their partner's anus. Other phrases for the same thing include 'rim job' or 'butt job'.
She gave me a blowjob then licked my balls and then she gave me a bumjob.
by Karl Steiger January 31, 2004
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to have sexual encounters with a homless person out of pity.
dave: " man i let a homless chick suck me off"

vance : "dude why would you do that?, thats sick."

dave: "dude i felt bad for her so i gave her a bumjob"
by davie ruperstein July 10, 2008
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