6 definitions by Joey Paisan

Another term for ass-to-mouth sex. The penis is brown from anal sex and then is presented (served) to the partner's mouth.
I gave Devon the Brown and serve yesterday
by Joey Paisan December 12, 2007
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A blowjob from an actual bum that has missing teeth and a mustache/beard combo. Most likely occuring to another bum who has exchanged a few dollars or alcohol/drugs for the service.
At 2a.m. last night I cut thru an alley on my way home and saw a homeless guy getting a bumjob.
by Joey Paisan September 24, 2011
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When someone steals your personal information and pays your bills.
Me: My credit score went up and my car is now paid? WTF?

You: You are a victim of Polish Identity Theft
by Joey Paisan April 20, 2011
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Slang term for wasting time, doing nothing, sitting around with no purpose. There is an element of laziness involved also because the insinuation is that the person wasting time is staying comfortable by creating a breeze that wafts over his balls.
Q. Have you seen Frankie?

A. Yeah, he's home fanning his balls.
by Joey Paisan January 06, 2010
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A stereotypical Guido (chains, t-shirt, collar up on a pink polo shirt, spiked hair, flexing muscles) who has bleached blonde hair instead of dark hair. Portmanteau of Swedish Guido.
You: I've never seen a Guido with pale blonde hair!!!

Me: Yeah, that's a Swedo.
by Joey Paisan December 02, 2010
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The smile that a longterm crackhead/cokehead displays due to missing teeth. The remaining teeth are spaced out with the gaps from missing teeth very obvious, thus resembling a classic Jack O' Lantern carved mouth.
I once worked with a super cokehead, Andycaine, who has a Crack O' Lantern grill.
by Joey Paisan July 18, 2011
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