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1. an affectionate name for a loved one

2. a name for a vagina, penis, or the sex organs in general

3. A busy bumblebee

4. a bus filled with bums
Hey, you Bumbus ! Bumbus, Bumbus, Bumbus!
by Shit_4_Brains August 27, 2007
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1. noun: a bus that has the sole purpose to transport homeless bums around New York.

2. noun: a person that is just not the brightest (head = bus, brain = bum)
that guy is a total bumbus look at his test score HOLY S**T
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by yeetus christ May 27, 2017
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Noun: Most often times it is used as an expression to someone/something as a means to show disdain for a lack of skill, or failure to complete a certain task.

Adjective: The word can mean almost anything as an adjective and almost completely relies on connotation and context in which the word is used. Overall when given a negative connotation, bumbus can indicate or refer to one being dull, lacking quality/structure, or be a euphemism to the male genetalia. When given a positive context, the word itself seems to have no explanation or meaning, and it is left up to the audience of the word to infer exactly how/what the user was implying.

Bumbus can also be an alternate use of boneless.
Brent quit being such a bumbus!

Have you ever tried duck meat before? I heard it was bumbus.

Wanna know why I'm so good at Fortnite? Because I'm bumbus!

Can I get a uhhhh... Bumbus pizza?
by koonbassoon June 19, 2018
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The definition of pure maniliness, born from the depths of hell out of the pussy of Satan himself, then killed Satan and took his place where he ruled over hell for many melennia.
Bumbus then became bored of hell and ascended to the over-world where he caused chaos where ever he went with his army of slaves and orphan Jews. He now spends his time making dank memes, playing video games, and fucking mad puss.
"Wow, that guy is just like Bumbus, the man of legend."
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by The-Lord-Bunbus November 15, 2017
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