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a normie meme is a meme which is so un-dank that it is given to the general Facebook community for 40 year old men to laugh at despite the un-dankness of the meme like the meme inst even spicy its just shit like god damn. E.g.

top text: mom: alcohol is your enemy
bottom text: Jesus says love your enemy. case closed.
normie meme

NORMIE: hey dude seen this meme its about cats
DANK PEEP: wtf did you just show me that meme is shit boi go back to facebook
by yeetus christ May 8, 2017
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1. noun: a person of flimsy qualitys
guy faallsssss over
other guy: you flimbus!
by yeetus christ May 9, 2017
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1. noun: a bus that has the sole purpose to transport homeless bums around New York.

2. noun: a person that is just not the brightest (head = bus, brain = bum)
that guy is a total bumbus look at his test score HOLY S**T
by yeetus christ May 9, 2017
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🅱 is the god tier letter it can be used to replace any letter and while doing this also makes the word a instant meme e.g. ni🅱🅱a, 🅱o🅱a🅱ola
spell icup ni🅱🅱a
by yeetus christ February 8, 2018
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