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1 definition by koonbassoon

Noun: Most often times it is used as an expression to someone/something as a means to show disdain for a lack of skill, or failure to complete a certain task.

Adjective: The word can mean almost anything as an adjective and almost completely relies on connotation and context in which the word is used. Overall when given a negative connotation, bumbus can indicate or refer to one being dull, lacking quality/structure, or be a euphemism to the male genetalia. When given a positive context, the word itself seems to have no explanation or meaning, and it is left up to the audience of the word to infer exactly how/what the user was implying.

Bumbus can also be an alternate use of boneless.
Brent quit being such a bumbus!

Have you ever tried duck meat before? I heard it was bumbus.

Wanna know why I'm so good at Fortnite? Because I'm bumbus!

Can I get a uhhhh... Bumbus pizza?
by koonbassoon June 20, 2018
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