Flopping around during intercourse so as if to insinuate oneself to not have a spine, rendering your involvement in copulation reduced to nil. Taking full credit of any and all orgasmic instances is a must.
"I didn't feel like paying her, so I pulled an ugga bugga and told her I was broke after."
by Heath Leeds April 14, 2008
a drugga bugga tried to fight a raccoon after cocaine got in itds nose
by idiotnumero1 May 25, 2021
A cute face with humongous eye lashes and a little smile that says "Bugga Bugga!"
Aw, that is such a cute bugga baby that Samantha drew!
by Samantha143x October 6, 2008
A female that you meet when your getting awesome that seduces you into circumstances you normally would not let happen. mostly found on spring break
you should of saw Tom Leavin with Bugga Wolf last night, with her and teen wolf here i thought i was in the thriller video.
by Skrilla Manilla August 12, 2008
It is a fear or daunting task at a particular time or place.
Snakes and cleaning house are my two biggest bugga-boos.
by mckATS February 24, 2011
A racist term used to mock Africans and black people in general when they don't speak proper english . This is also why racists call Obama Obunga.
My black neighbors are making those ugga bugga noises again. (derogatory example)
by Lee Guy October 18, 2016
bugga boo is a specific name for my boyfriend and only my boyfriend because he is so bute and cuddly and lovable.
by KeecieWeecie October 14, 2018