a best friend
you annoy me but I couldn't live without you
you're my lil bugga but I would die for you
by nat 👑 June 5, 2016
a phrase used when something bad happens; just like "Crikey!"
by El_Scorcho August 26, 2003
In Norwegian, it means something foreign, usually african or middle eastern. A derogatory term.
"That's how they do it in ugga bugga land."
by funnyguy75 March 22, 2010
What Jeff says when he locates his pants anywhere bar his legs.

OR what he does when he notices Kez lacks a packa' "WINNIE BLUEZ"
Justin - Yo Rock' up'

Joel - Iite bro

*jeff enters*


by justin December 25, 2004
A term commonly used in Dominica, Guyana and Jamaica to describe a homosexual male. The literal translation is 'Anal sex man'.
Bob - "Ah who that walking funny over there?"

Leroy - "No bother with him. He looks like a bugga man."
by MTBamba August 17, 2018
Male A: "Aye bai, you like me new hairstyle?"
Male B: "That's a bugga grip! Keep yuh skunt away from me!"
by Alexdegreat101 December 5, 2016
an annoying boyfriend who obsesses over you, always calling and texting, and if you dont pick up they call your friends.

refers to the song bugga boo by destiny's child
who cares, he was a bugga boo anyways
by make_it_juicy June 26, 2008